Okay, here’s the thing. I’ll try to make it short, simple and straight forward (sweet too, he he) on why I created this blog at the first place. First, I think that I’ve been called to share and express my 2 cents thoughts and opinions on certain issues or topics that being extremely captivating and alarming me, since years. Pretty recently, truckloads of these issues keep on popping out and causing some people to be involved in such several silly-prone arguments.

*Just so you know, called here isn’t meant that someone literally called me and asked me, ‘Hey Nana, I’m calling for the purpose of requesting you to create a blog so that you can share your point of views’.*

Second, I believe, the issues that I’m going to pen here would be quite crucial to be touched on, hence I hope that I’m able to instill the positivity among the small numbers of Facebook Friends I have. Eventually, to influence you to spread the words to others, to your sisters or to your friends or to anyone you’ll meet in the future.

Third (last one), to be frank, I’m too exhausted of the negative vibes that keep on bombarding us. I’m pissed off on how ignorant some Malaysians can be. I reckon why not I try, right? The least I could do, trying, writing and voicing out.

*Nak jadi cikgu pegi mengaja dalam setiap kelas tak leh dah sebab fail interview maktab 6 tahun lepas. Hiks.*

Love ❤, 



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