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What’s the first thing in your mind when you read these 4 hashtags? If you ask me, the first word crosses my mind would be – S u c c e s s!

Then, here comes the word ‘envy’ or ‘jealous’. That’s a human nature. I thought it was wrong for me to feel envious of these 4 successful Malaysian entrepreneurs, but that’s what makes me a normal human.

A nature of human, wanting to have what you do not have. To be honest, no matter how much I try to stop feeling envious towards their achievements, I still can’t.

But why? Because they keep on striving from day to day. So, I just let it be.

I did noticed one thing, now I’m not following them on social media because of how envy I feel towards them, like ‘How could she (Neelofa) wore that Tory Burch Top and uploaded in Instagram where her fans, girls like me can’t even afford to buy a new shirt from Brand outlet’.

Or, ‘Can she (VivyYusoff) stop uploading pictures of her wearing gazillion of palazzo pants every month?’ Where I’m here having only 3 palazzo pants. (Correction! 2 left because the green palazo is now torned up and can’t be saved) *Sigh*

I used to follow all 4 of them but I decided to click the button ‘unfollow’. Yet, I can’t help myself from stalking their Instagram 3 to 4 times per week. Ha ha ha.

As time goes by, I began to notice they notified their followers on the latest write-ups about them in printed magazine or newspapers. And surprisingly I read those articles despite of claiming myself as not a fan anymore.

Not just that, I took noted of their latest ‘move’, like when Dato’ Aliff Syukri appeared in Upin Ipin. I was like WOW, that was a very smart marketing strategy!

For someone who gets bored easily with local tv programme, drama series, and cartoon, I watched it till the end, with my nephew and nieces. And I searched for it again on my phone. I did laughed at some point watching how ‘real’ the cartoon version of Dato’ Aliff, as you could literally feel as if he’s talking to you.

For those who haven’t watch it, from entertaining the younger audiences with his natural wit to informally educating them on the right way of iniatiating a small business, like you can’t utilize the established personal branding of a particular entrepreneur or brand – it does enticing the viewers! The viewer like me, at least.

And are you a huge fan of Gegar Vaganza (GV)? I can’t seem to recall which episode but I reckon it was semifinal or final GV 2017. The forever princessy and stunning Dato Seri Vida encouraged us to buy ‘Pamoga’ and be a part of her mission in facilitating the unfortunate kids, where she plans to open an orphanage in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. As she mentioned, for each purchase, you would be a part of the donation. Macam sambil membeli kita boleh beramal lah.

So here’s what I intend to highlight in this write-up, are you acknowledging and feeling proud of their achievements as fellow Malaysian or are you one of the social media users who left the hateful comments?

I truly hope that you are not in the second group of that Malaysian. Shame on you if you are. Sounds a bit harsh isn’t it for me to mention ‘shame on you’? These are the only 3 words that hurt your feeling.

Imagine that they receive countless of disdainful and slandering comments, perhaps everyday when they upload a new photo. And the most riveting part is, sometimes when I scrolled through the earlier comments, several of them do not related to the particular picture at all.

Just because you are so eager publicizing your freedom to speak up and giving advices to fellow Muslim, you tend to forget that by doing such thing, you might display your own stupidity and make a sin as well.

Like an instance, there was a picture of Neelofa in Instagram. Well, she is known as a hijabista who is often bringing this new way of styling Muslimah ootd, on the other hand, at times with or without she realizes, there were few outfits that did not cover her Aurah properly.

Nonetheless, it is indisputably wrong for a social media user who commented the said photo lebih kurang macam ni, ‘Solat kau takkan diterima kalau kau tak tutup aurat’ – Ya Allah. Who are you to decide whether her prayer would be accepted or not? Yes, it is true that she did not cover her Aurah properly in that said photo, but are you with her when she performs her salah (prayer)?

Okay, as far I know, a woman’s prayer would be valid if she covers her Aurah during her prayer but still, not covering her aurah in daily life is a huge sin in Islam. If you want to verify this, there’s a hadith or you can ‘Tanyalah Ustaz Azhar Idrus’.

I have watched Vivy Yusoff’s vlog where she told that there was a comment, if I’m not mistaken, sounded like ‘I wish you get miscarriage’. I was shocked hearing such bulls**t comment came from one’s mouth. It’s really upsetting me that a human being dared to ‘doakan’ another human such way. Have you lost your mind dude/ girl? Just to be clear, this is once again came from our fellow Malaysian’s mouth.

How long we’ll keep on being like this wahai Malaysian? I ain’t pointing this out to every Malaysian out there, I do know that there are tons of you who are so warm-hearted, encourging, and supportive towards others.

Go ahead and disagree with me if you do not believe so. By now, there are proof everywhere that keyboard warrior and makcik bawang makin berleluasa. Hish geram pulak I.

I’m like, are they blind to see how inspiring and motivating these 4 entrepreneurs are? Look at Dato’ Seri Vida, she does not come from a rich family, eventually she proves that by hardworks and ethusiasm, for instance, ‘berniaga masa kat Uni’, it’s all paid off.

Dato’ Aliff who had to start his business journey by working at Pasar Malam despite of having a mother who owns a quite famous cosmetic business. In the recent years, they just got into the limelight. There is no denying that trials and errors involved along the way to reach the peak.

And to Vivy and Neelofa, they are such an inspiration in their own way to the youth, two successful young women who reached their peak before they even turned 30, bring Malaysia’s name to some countries with their scarves & hijabs.

To build such empire at such a young age, they need more than just money. Without doubt, I believe you are quite aware of their family background, coming from well-off family makes it easier for them to penetrate into the business. In spite of that, if they do not have enough courage and passion, nothing would come an easy peasy abc.

Pastu, korang sibuk nak mengata yang diorang ni menunjuk la apa la. Kemon gais, yang tu lain kira lah, takyah la ngata orang. We dapat nothing dari mengata dia (I did mengata them before then bila fikir balik what did I got from all those insults? Diorang dapat pahala and I?)

How about take your time, observe and scrutinize each tiny little thing that led them achieving their success instead, surely you will get inspired rather than a sin.

Everyone can be a business-minded person but it takes more than your mind. They are the proof, they do not back off, and they are always looking at the bright side.

P/S: To my friends who are endeavouring into business, do not back off, babes! And if others ridicule you, tell them, ‘It’s okay, I am looking at the bright side’.

Love ,









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