Let’s be honest, you would be bluffing if you don’t have at least ONE money-spending regret in 2017. Well, to make you feel at ease, I’ll list down my 3 ultimate money-spending regrets throughout 2017. So feel free to share in the comment below with yours! Okay tak? 

1. Starbucks & Coffee Beans’ Beverages 

The last time I had my Starbuck was around end of August (Yeay, almost 4 months without a venti starbucks – Tahniah Nana!).

I bought Mocha Frapuccino which isn’t my favorite after all and the close friend I was there with lectured me on how I wasted my money as she didn’t see that I was going to finish the drink. Yes, I did not. She finished it for me, Thanks bff! 

I ain’t that tough ‘menahan godaan dunia’ when passing by Coffee Beans 2 weeks ago, so I had my favorite Caramel Frapuccino. *Sigh* 

Fyi, my fav trio are (Caramel Frapuccino, Caramel Machiatto & White Mocha) I went 2 to 3 times per month either to Starbucks or Coffee Beans (not every month) 

Now, lemme tell you why I regret being so devoted with Starbucks & Coffee Beans:

  • Each of them (my fav trio) costs around RM15 to RM17. Almost 20 bucks, babes! Now tell me what can I do with the money had I save almost RM50 per month? I could have add on RM50 into my saving piggy bank or save it for any unexpected urgent matter such as paying for medication or car maintenance/ repair.
  • They’re so sugary sweet & caffeinated which is not good for my health, plus I’m not the ‘eat clean’ & ‘keep fit’ kinda girl at all. Though I only drink water at home and consume enough fruits and veges, the intake of my carbohydrates is quite high since normally I love having 2 plates of rice for lunch & for dinner.
  • I kept on peeing more than 4 times throughout the only few hours of drinking and not just that, I tend to shake, a lot! It surely distrupted me at works before, but yeah, 

Do not act so cool if you can’t handle caffeinated drinks.  Know your limits because caffeine is addictive! Addictive won’t result a good outcome. 

2. Grab Car

Long time ago, in the dictionary Kingdom named Nana’s, laziness & procrastinate used to be defined as unavoidable! 

Whenever I was late for work, grab was the life savor.

I used MRT throughout the 3 months working in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail as the distance from Taman Tun MRT Station to my office wasn’t that far and it took only 10 minutes to arrive if you walk like a Japanese which I did. (20 mins la kalau kau jalan lenggang kangkung kebaya kepit tu)

There’s thing you could avoid like waking up late so there’s no such thing as ‘Okay dearself, you can’t avoid being late to work because you woke up late today’. Then it leads to, ‘It’s okay dearself, you can use Grab today because you’re late to work.’ Padahal 10 minutes je kot jalan. Alahai mengadanye you, Nana.

What I’m very dissapointed with myself is, it happened more than twice, more than 5 times, perhaps around 10 times. True that for ONE way it only costs me RM3 or RM4 however if you times by 10, just imagine how many Ringgit I’ve thrown away just like that. Not to mention when the drivers are highly requested at the same particular booking time, the fare would go up to RM6.

Another concern is, when I booked for the grab, there was no guarantee the car was very nearby, sometimes I had to wait up to 5 minutes long and it took around 3 minutes ride to reach my office from there, almost 10 minutes gak gedebuk gedebak. Whereas I could have just walk a little faster, in that 5 minutes time + the time I had used to book and wait for the grab confirmation + the time in the ride, see almost 10 minutes gak gedebuk gedebak!

Because of how lazy and proscrinative I was to wake up earlier, it had driven me to this. Losing my time and money as well. Memang la you nampak sikit je, alah Nana lek ah baru 4 bucks but the thing is I kept on repeating doing it. I had utilized RM40 to RM45 riding grab cars from MRT Station to work while It could have been done in a very short 10 minutes walk. 

3. Hipster Cafes

I do love trying new things, I can’t resist but discovering new foodie spot wherever I go. For instances, when I studied at Kuching, Sarawak, when I had my intern & first job at Petaling Jaya, and when I worked at Taman Tun.

I didn’t go to the hipster cafes often, not every month in 2017.

The 5 months which I didn’t go to the cafes at all are the 4 recent months (Sept to Dec), because I began to realize how crucial the usage of money on things you could have avoided at the first place. And during Ramadhan as well, obviously we’re craving for home-cooked juadah berbuka or Bazaar Ramadhan’s. 

The 3 early months of 2017 (when I worked at Petaling Jaya) marked the times when I had once or just twice trips to hipster cafes. I loved bringing leftover dinner from the night before as my lunch pack.

I was able to save my money due to the almost 3 hours of driving back and forth to work had triggered me to ikat perut a little so that I could prioritise my money for petrol and toll. Plus, there was this Jaya grocer in the lobby where normally I got few cheap pastries or buns for lunch whenever I didn’t bring lunch pack.

So apa yang ‘regret’ sangat ni Nana sebab 5 bulan tak jejakkan kaki dalam hipster cafe and dalam tempoh 3 bulan lagi mungkin satu atau duka kali je pegi?

Okie dokie, here we go! Another 4 months that I didn’t mention above were, when hipster cafes are ‘my thing’, I went to quite a lot of hipster cafes in the duration, more than twice, at most 3 to 4 times in a month.

As a customer, I genuinely expected no less, you’ve paid a slightly high price for a plate of pasta and of course you would anticipate not-just-an-OK-taste. Yet, all you had was only able to put an end to your 4 hours of hunger with a taste of 5 bucks. What I mean here is the taste isn’t worth the 25 bucks you had paid. At least, the portion is big enough you ain’t hungry anymore.

Then, why did I kept on going to another cafes when I knew that there are possibilities some of them would serve lack of worthiness food, not as much as you paid? 

The ultimate reason? I really desired to try the so-called improvised western food either in terms of the taste, condiments or ingredients. No doubt, generally hipster cafes are famous for the westernized food rather than localized food at the very early penetration into Malaysian market. Tu yang jakun sikit he he. 

Aside from satisfying my tastebud, hipster cafes which are very well decorated with various kind of distinctive, quirky and notable themes had enticed me to go and check them out by myself. I’m so fond of taking authentic pictures when I’m into the mood hence I couldn’t resist capturing such startling views of the cafes.

Be wise even if you have banyak duit sekalipun, savour food to the fullest when it comes to the taste, not the face! Break away from the devotion of your instagram-worthiness food, would you?

Sekarang belambak dah hipster cafes ala-ala masakan kampung ni tapi my genuine advice is kalau you nak ala kampung, terus pegi kedai Pak Meon sana or kedai Kak Limah, then it would undeniably satiate your craves. 

P/S: When I encountered such ‘pasta’ situation above, I took my time to ponder; how starving those refugees, homeless people and poor families out there and I’m here dwelling on the poor taste of my pasta. Ya Allah, how ungrateful I was.

Have your own regrets and do not regret having the regrets!

Love ,




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