10 things people don’t know about Nana

What are the things people might not know about me?

So I was writing another write-up, as usual, my partner in crime, my BFF aka my work partner, randomly asked some questions about me, like, the things people do not know about me. So, here you go… my blogs should have some fun too, can’t be serious all the freaking time.

1. I have 3 birthmarks, they were on my right knee, near my belly button, and on my back.

2. I didn’t know how to ride bicycle until I was 11.

3. I don’t eat people favorite’s food like half cooked egg and sapodilla (ciku).

4. I broke my hand when I was 6. (Because I tried to tie the curtain while climbing the chair).

5. I eat the most bitter vegetable, bitter melon that people don’t like to eat.

6. I have a slightly fractured middle finger because my finger was trapped between the door and the floor. Also when I was 6

7. When I was in college, there were only 2 girls named Raihana aside from me.

8. I never played PlayStation .

9. My parents gave me 50 cents for my pocket money when I was in primary school.

10. My car broke down in the middle of the night in city area and 3 men helped me but I would never tell my oldest sister.



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