My all time favorite books

What’s your favorite possession?



Books bring me right back to how tangible life is, yet at the same time, allow me to indulge myself in the unreachable dreams. I can lay on my bed all day long, and read my favorite book without even flinch. But, it takes more than just 50 Shades of Grey!

I am fond of a book that is deeply moving, or that is taking me somewhere unexpected. Like, every page is making me feel on edge and overwhelmed with mixed emotions. Sometimes, I had to stop gripping the page and took a breath. That shows how I’m hooked.

At times, I can’t help but wanting to grow together with the characters. I pictured how they are supposed to be growing.

Often, I stuck with the idea that everyone should be looking forward to read life-changing books. The realization hit me, sometimes all we need is a rom-com of all time or a gory-horror stories.

With that said, your favorite books shouldn’t be just life-changing. Be true to yourself and acknowledge your favorite.

Let’s get into it, my four favorite books!

1. The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahern 


The woman who are neglecting her life and living in lies. She lied to her friends letting them know that she dumped her boyfriend, Blake. She doesn’t enjoy doing her job, no one knows she doesn’t know how to speak Spanish yet she writes manuals for electrical appliances in foreign languages.

Lucy’s pretentious life is very relatable, isn’t? Nothing uncommon about her, she could be you, a woman who’s giving up and uninspired. What makes me flipped to the next page? When she is signed up with a life agency. Nah, not a life insurance agency, sweethearts. 

She has to meet Life despite her persistent avoidance. Finally, *drumroll*, she meet life. Life is a man, who seems like he hadn’t brush his teeth in a while, with a bad breath. To make it more worst, he wear a wrinkled suit, with dishevelled hair, not to forget his hands are clammy. Need I say more?

Lucy’s Mum: Is he handsome?

Lucy: Mum, that’s disgusting, he’s my life.

I wonder what if my life shows up one day, would he has unbrushed hair or wear stinky clothes?

Not gonna give away spoilers! Just a little more, Lucy’s life can change depending on Lucy’s choices. He could be wearing a non-wrinkled shirt but in return, Lucy has to do something for her life. 

Hats off to Ahern for a thought-provoking character!

2. It Ends with Us by Collen Hover 


It began perfectly, but it’s the only book that I couldn’t even finish in a day. Because it’s the most heart wrenching book ever. I have no idea how many time I cried throughout reading the book. It’s too heavy, too personal and it touches the most taboo subject in the universe.

As a Malaysian, I hardly come across a book that open up your eyes on how terrible this issue is. People hate to talk about domestic violence, as if it’s the most disgusting issue. 

Lily, she married a perfect man, a man who has a reputable career, neurosurgeon.  She’s like no other, falling in love too hard, and yes it’s the best feeling ever. Until one day, she can’t keep on holding onto the love she once had for her husband, Ryle. It’s not because he cheated on her, but he abuses her. To make it more worst, she’s pregnant. On top of that, her first love comes back in her life.

What I really love about Lily’s character is, she’s the kind of woman who makes decision for the sake of her future, she left Ryle despite she knows that deep in her heart, she still loves him. After all, love isn’t enough if Ryle still hasn’t change. And she learns from the past, she realizes how devastated her life was, having an abusive father. 

I reckon this is the most devastated part in the book, years of dating or how well you know your other half won’t guarantee that he’s the one you’ve been looking for. It’s true what people told me, you’ll really know him once you sleep under the same roof and sleep in the same bed. 

Don’t call yourself a bookworm if you never read Collen Hoover’s. Honestly, I have no idea how she can pull off every single book she wrote.

3. The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes


Well, who doesn’t know Moyes? The woman behind the famous, Me Before You! Okay, you must wondering why not ‘Me Before You’ right?

Well, this book merges 2 stories, and the 2 stories revolve around a beguile painting. It’s not easy for anyone to give a fair share to four main characters in the book. Somehow, it works!

The woman in the portrait, Lucy, was left by her husband, Edouard, who decided to fight for the country, France.

She has to survive living under the German Army surveillance. However, ever since a German commandant is enthralled by the painting, she started to plan her escape. To be honest, I believe he secretly falls for her, not just her beauty or her portrait in the painting.

I am left with questions, he offers her a help to be with her husband again, in return, she has to give him the painting. The painting is like her most personal belonging, she gives it anyway.

Why I can’t wait to flip to the next page? Because I want to know how could her painting is now in Liv’s bedroom, Liv is the woman in the 2000s. She got it as a gift from her late husband. But, her life turns upside down when Edouard’s family claims that their family is the legitimate owner of the painting.  

If only he wasn’t staring at her portrait throughout his whole life, the painting wouldn’t be in Liz’s room!

P/S: My best friend hasn’t return the book (almost a year, grrr…)

4. If I break by Portia Moore


It’s definitely a book that makes you cursing inside! Because don’t you think it’s weird when a husband isn’t cheating but he doesn’t come home? And he’s so believable despite of days and weeks he left her alone wondering what’s his secret.

Full of surprises and nothing I expected was right! When I read this book, I could feel the frustration and anger that Lauren feels. It feels strange, Cal, he seems like he loves her to death, however when he arrives home after days or weeks leaving her, he turns to be a jerk, it’s like something wears him out.

It’s getting worse when he left her for almost two years and she already gave birth to their daughter. Still, she’s sitting there crying and pining away for him! 

“I woke up to hear Caylen crying on the baby monitor. When I tried to go to her, I realized that my door was locked. Then I heard Cal talking to her. I couldn’t get to her; I couldn’t get out.” Why does he comes home but avoiding seeing his wife?

I expected that he’s in undercover or he has a wife and kids somewhere. But… there’s a picture of a man looks exactly like Cal named Chris Scott with an older man posed for an annual pie eating contest.

That’s when Lauren’s life is turned upside down, her husband doesn’t recognise her, and he met a girl within the 2 years he left Lauren. Need I say more? 

Truthfully, I don’t expect him to be  someone who’s having a split personality disorder. Oops, sorry for the obvious spoiler!


Now, I am curious about your four favorite possessions? I choose books over anything else, they’re always there, when I’m lost, uninspired, depressed, happy, enthusiastic and even busy.  The meaning of book, for me, is life. I can’t imagine my life without it. The longer I read books, the more love I have for them.

P/S: My fellow Malaysians, I know it would be hard to instill the interest to read, slowly but surely. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with starting late, as you get older, you need to read more than just Facebook status or Twitter tweets!




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