Move on tips from the freshly heartbroken Nana!


You know what’s the most painful feeling a human will go through? When you force yourself to fall out of love. Because your relationship is no longer a relationship you could be dreamed of. We can’t never get everything we want. 

Perhaps, the relationship isn’t fated to be yours. Heartbreak is extremely painful (If only I could show you my swollen-eyes…) Everyone would go through this, at least once. They had moved on. It could be years, months or just few weeks to move on. But, they did. Nothing comes easy, it took times and extra efforts to move forward, to carry on your life while wondering how does it goes for him. 

Move on. You can’t stop moving forward. It’s hard, but you have to force yourself. Don’t force too hard, be a little loose on yourself. 

Accept the fact that it comes to an end. Love doesn’t guarantee any relationship stays forever. Sometimes, it’s not because he stops loving you, if it’s meant to end, It would.

Girls, stop begging him to stay. Stop dwelling on the reasons he got away. Stop wondering why he chose to walk away. 

I survive. My heart might not fully heal yet, but I’m not going to dwell on the past. I’m going to move on, to continue living my life to the fullest.

Living your life to the fullest doesn’t mean you have to forget the past. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the memories from your mind, be a little loose remember? Let the memories stay, but, accept the fact that the moments were temporary, because that’s how the universe works. You have to experience losses, heartbreak, rejection & failure. 

Living your life to the fullest proves that you’re strong enough to let go of something that isn’t meant to be yours at the first. It proves that you finally believe that not everything you lost are your losses. 

Ouch! Enough with the teary eyes. Let me bring you to the paradise of moving on! 


1. STOP watching any kind of romance movies or TV series!

Don’t ask me why! Because it will bring you back to the moments you don’t want to remember. Watch fun games show on TV. Do not ever watch The Bachelor kind of reality show! Believe it or not, The Bachelor is a huge setback for you to move forward. It won’t heal your lonely-broken heart and far from make it easier. And cliche-romance-scenes might trigger you to find a rebound at instant. And you don’t need that, trust me. Falling in love should come naturally. It should be your fun time girls. It’s time for you to laugh your ass off. My suggestion would go to everyone’s favorite Korean Reality TV Show, Running man. 


2. Constantly making times for your passions!

Don’t tell me you don’t have at least one passion! But, If you don’t, it’s normal. There are people out there who’re still confused on the difference between hobby & passion. Perhaps, it’s time for your passion discovery. Passion is not just about the things you believe you’re good at. It’s a passion when you aren’t really good at it, but no matter how costly or time-consuming for you to become better at it, you’ll try to make time. It’s beyond efforts or money you’ve sacrificed. You’ll realize it’s your passion when you don’t feel like wasting your time, and you crave to do it if it’s been a while. Above all, you’ll know it’s not a passion if you aren’t happy. Happiness is the key! You know what I’m super-duper happy about? Writing, reading, cooking pasta, food hunting, and travel (due to the very unavoidable time & financial contrast, I have to put aside my travel bucket list. Anyone wants to give me free tickets to anywhere in this world? 

3. Learn something NEW!

You would never go wrong with learning or trying something new! What’s your latest new thing? Mine, It would be inventing a new pasta sauce. I don’t even know what should I name it, and the most fun part is, I enjoyed myself doing that. When you come out with a new creation, a new idea or a new invention. It’s a proof you’re loving yourself by discovering your hidden potential. So, what are you waiting for? Get your ass somewhere. No, I am not kidding. Now, learn new thing, it doesn’t waste your time, take risk. You can’t be good at everything but you can try everything! 

P/S: Should I learn how to crimp a curry puff? Because I’ve tried buckets of time, yet, they never looked like a curry puff. Don’t lose hope Nana. It doesn’t hurt me to try, right? 


4. Go on a food hunting! 

Omg, this is my forever favorite! Who could say no to Cendol, Kuih Keria, Apam Balik, Roti Canai, & Malaysian FoodYou should eat like Dean, looks like he couldn’t help but grabbing a mouthful of burrito. Just remember to tone down a little bit on the staring part. Instead of spending your money on romance movie tickets, it’s better off this way. 😉 Don’t be afraid of gaining weight, you could handle it afterwards, the more important thing is, you should devour scrumptious Malaysian food before you’re getting old. I know you’re getting older, you might have to cut off the consumption of spicy and sugary food. But as for now, welcome food with warm hands. Food is world’s wonder after all.

Hmmm… I’m thinking of going to food hunting this weekend, where should I head to? Ipoh anyone? 


5. Have a short escape (preferably fun)!

Come on, who could resist a chance to have a few days off! Pack your bag, buy a walk-in ticket, and pick a location. Malaysia has countless of short-getaway places girls! Choose what’s your favorite, solo trip or BFF road trip. Then, you’re ready to go. Embrace your short escape moments, I reckon it’s better to turn off the phone! Fill your day with lots of activities. Well, exclude the girl’s talk session! It’s a huge concern that’ll lead you on conversing about your ex. And girls, you aren’t living life to the fullest if you aren’t checking out hot foreigner dudes! It’s my favorite, anytime, anywhere. Haha. Let’s cut the crap, have you watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? If you haven’t, you should. My all time favorite. “Life is about courage and going into the unknown” 

giphy (3).gif

6. Make some changes! 

Again, a tough decision to make, but when we’ve done 1 change, we would be addicted. Truthfully, the decision I’d made to cut off my waist length hair to chest length to bob cut in a month, it wasn’t solely because of the hair falls. Breaking up with him was one of the reason. Never get it wrong, changes is amazing. I felt good cutting my hair off though I’m so into wavy-long hair. It has shown me that I’m able to cope with the changes. Thus, now I know why I’m able to hide my heartbreak tears in front of my family. Because I choose to go through this heartbreak with maturity. 

giphy (2).gif


The 6 easy and thoughtful tips from the girl who’re in the moving on phase. Oh yeah, why I didn’t tell you to delete his numbers, texts or social media? Because you should have done that way before coming across my blog!

Take back the shattered pieces of your heart, don’t try to fix it if it doesn’t match. It’s hurting way more than when it’s broken. – Nana




Copy writing mistakes YOU did at least once


“Who says you can’t do things you don’t love? You love doing business but you hate writing? Then, how far you’ll go?”

Everyone can write, because everyone has a story to tell. But not everyone can touch your heart.

You were wrong if you think everyone can craft a copy writing. You were wrong if you think you can come out with an impeccable copy writing in just 60 seconds.

Because I believed the same few minutes before crafting my very first copy writing. I was like, ‘This is an easy-peasy task to do!’ – It seemed like a piece of cake, it was about lipstick, any girl who doesn’t wear lipstick could utilize some bombastic words and voila, anyone would buy!

The truth was, I took 20 minutes to finish just a few line of copy writing. And it took less than a minute for my supervisor to cut half of the sentence off. 


So, first lemme take a selfie. Lol! (jokes).

Here you go; the basic rule of copy writing from the point of view of my one year of experience being in the field. (A year could teach you a lot, trust me!)

1. Don’t write a college essay!

You can’t assume everyone is lounging by the beach.

You have to expect people are always on the go, like, entrepreneurs, they’re on their way to meeting clients. They could be the next to hire you, Mr/ Miss copywriter!

You might be able to reach out housewives with your long-speeches copy writing, but just in case you don’t remember, they’re cooking; you don’t want to be the main factor of the extremely burnt fried chicken.

The most important, don’t lose the target audience. The possibility they purchase the item is higher than your height! 

Thus, keep it short, simple, and straightforward. 

download (2)

2. The fail first sentence!

That’s why the top-selling copy writing is normally the one-liner. When it comes to copy writing, never wait to incorporate the interesting facts in the second line/ sentence.

The same rule goes to any other write-up, when your first sentence is too boring, the readers either skip the page or stop reading.

You only have 3 – 5 seconds to persuade the readers to buy the product.

And the biggest reason you fail to sell is when you can’t even differentiate the words persuade and force.

images (1)

Don’t you think it’s kind of ads that you would read it again, out loud, for the second or third times?

In fact, it sparks your curiosity and eventually make you feel thirsty (though you aren’t!) Because you might want to hear how does it sounds. Though you won’t right away find the classic coke bottle, still, you’ll buy.

3. Overly usage of common words!

Your Copy Writing: ‘Jom beli tudung murah untuk raya’


Their Copy Writing: ‘Nak… mak teringin nak pakai telekung Siti Khadijah.”

You think you could sell your latest collection of tudung bawal (hijab) in just a week, and that’s your copy writing?

Come on, that’s your 9 years old nephew’s. The answer is no, you won’t sell at all. Make use of bombastic words in this case.

Don’t feel ashamed of being dictionary’s bff. Instead of using the words ‘get your’, perhaps you can use ‘grab yours’. Stop using, ‘Don’t forget to get your new shoes’. Use ‘Don’t hesitate to grab yours now’!

If you’re a small business, don’t play safe with words! It’s time to gain your new customers. Don’t compare yourself to the established company, they may look a little relaxed because they have already grasped the rules of thumb of ads! 

4. Lack of creativity with words

You plan to update your social media 7 times per day, and you keep on crafting the similar style of copy writing from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.?

Where’s jingle?

The recent copy writing I crafted able to captivate the middle-aged women’s heart! Because I ‘berpantun’ with them on Facebook comments.

If you aren’t a Kelantanese, Kedahan or Sarawakian, don’t let it halt you from using the dialect to hook the readers.

But, don’t use dialect too often! You ought to know when and where to use. If you’re targeting the urban area’s teenagers, would they be able to know what’s the meaning of ‘sigek’? Perhaps, they might not even know how to speak Malay. 

giphy (1).gifRemember kids, It’s all about know who are your customers. Make jingle out of words!

5. Never ooze emotions!

Don’t be a jerk who doesn’t show his feeling. Do realize that business is all about customers, not you, not your product.

Don’t talk like a text book quote, converse with them like they’re your sweethearts. Of course you want the best for them. If they don’t use your product – they’re one step behind, their life is dull, they might get in a huge trouble.


 That’s what we call emotions. Put yourself in their shoes and try to walk into their life. Then you’ll understand their emotions.

It’s lunch time! Gotta go, I hope you learned something just now. Best of luck to those who just started endeavouring into online business, home-made services or anything.